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AlpineAmy Naturals was born when the pandemic started and the schools began remote learning.  I am an 8th grade teacher and would wake up each morning and create a short video for my students.  The videos consisted of the typical announcements about what we would be learning that day or week, however, the majority of the video was trying to inspire them to use this time to "Not just survive, but thrive," encouraging them to learn a new skill or refine an old one. I decided to be an example of my advice and  learned how to make soap.  This endeavor led to many funny videos of me explaining to my students the hardships of making soap due to the amount of math and science involved, that I had not used since learning it in school. Ultimately I was helping them learn how they might use math and science skills in real life.  My initial idea was to simply make enough soap to give all my students some as a parting gift. What I discovered was,  I loved making soap.  The business grew from there.  Simplicity is the key to my soap making.I use simple ingredients that allow for cleaning and any benefits that the essential oils can offer.   I have a strong community of friends and family who were all very supportive, helping me understand which recipes were working and which ones needed refining.  I keep the ingredients simple and yet  high quality, while still remaining environmentally conscious, in every decision that I make. I hope to provide my nearby community or communities across the world with a product they love.    

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