Customer Testimonials

" I bought some bars of soap for my wife and she absolutely loves them! Since then we have ordered two more times. Fabulous product! Friendly service, and fast delivery. We not only use them, but we buy them for friends and family to try as well. " 


Tom, WNC
June 2020

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"I recently tried a number of AlpineAmy small batch, craft soaps and was pleasantly surprised by the significant differences, compared to my usual go-to soaps. I thoroughly enjoyed the Rosemary in particular. It has an amazing fragrance, lather, and invigorating sense. I will make this soap my new go-to soap." 


 Christopher, NC
June 2020

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" I am very particular about what products I put on my skin. I only put natural products and do a lot of research to make sure the products I buy are natural and have quality essential oils. When I started using the Simple Rosemary soap made by AlpineAmy Naturals I was so happy to find a soap that left my skin feeling soft, clean, and moisturized. I bought six more bars and AlpineAmy also threw a bar of Jasmine in for me to try. The combination of natural simple oils and quality essential oils of the Jasmine and Rosemary soaps are my new favorite soaps." 


Marilyn, NC June 2020 

“ I have been gifted specialty soaps many times in my life. I have used them and thought, oh nice smell, but I have never reacted with such excitement, until I was gifted three of the AlpineAmy naturals soap. Skin sensitivity, as we age, is often susceptible to minor problems. When I use AlpineAmy's Simple soap with Jasmine, Lavender or Rosemary, I could tell a difference in my skin right away. I like that there are no harsh chemicals and I can pronounce the ingredients. I am worry free and will continue buying this soap for myself and gift it to others." (86 years young...


Helen W., West Virginia

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